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Ché Morrison died after being stabbed through the heart, a court heard

A man with an alleged “fondness for knives” and “an obsession about his status” has gone on trial accused of a murder during a drug deal.

Florent Okende is accused of fatally stabbing Ché Morrison, 20, outside an east London train station in February.

Police found handwritten notes at Mr Okende’s home which “express his hopes to kill someone by stabbing them”, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Okende, 20, denies murder and claims he was acting in self-defence.

The jury heard that Mr Morrison died on the pavement outside Ilford train station just after 21:00 GMT on 26 February after being stabbed through the heart.

An anonymous eyewitness, who testified behind a screen, described how moments earlier Mr Morrison had attempted to sell a bag of cannabis to his alleged killer.

He told the court that Mr Okende – known as Flo – refused to pay, saying: “I run Ilford.”

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The police cordon at the scene of Ché Morrison’s death

The witness said he heard a flick of a knife and saw Mr Okende moving towards Mr Morrison.

“I was literally trying to push Che and the other person away,” he said, and then described how he received a cut to his face as he tried to separate the pair.

One of the notes found by police at Mr Okende’s home allegedly said “every day I swear to God I roll with my blade” and “I love sticking my blade in lungs”.

“This case is not, and never was about self-defence,” said prosecutor Jacob Hallam QC.

“It was about status and the defendant’s desire to assert his dominance over Che Morrison.”

Mr Okende’s defence counsel, Bernard Richmond QC, said: “Is it possible that this defendant honestly believed that he was about to be attacked?”

The trial continues.

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